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For more than a decade of seed industry business, Golconda Asia stays focus and put a lot of efforts on “Quality Corn Seed”.  The ultimate goal of our company is to boot up farmers high profits by using every pack of GT seed (Golconda Thailand ). That is why we emphasize on every single seed quality.

We have been in seed business for many years with perception of Thai tradition as well as ASEAN countries. These lead to the growth and expansion of international partnerships within ASEAN countries by our philosophy “ We know the farmer “. Moreover we serve their needs with quality seeds, marketing and distribution channels as well as reasonable price for the farmers.

Golconda Asia Co., LTD. is located at 154 Moo 5 Tumbon Nong Nam, Mueang Lamphun District, Lamphun 51000. In the area of 20.8 hectares, we develop the Hybrid Corn Breeding Research Center together with modern international standard seed processing plant with a capacity of 13,200 metric tones per year. The seed processing equipment was imported from Germany.

In addition, our seed processing steps are accredited by International Standard Organization; ISO 9001: 2008 (Issue Date 29 Oct 2015) ISO 9001: 2015 (Issue Date 3 Oct 2018)

We realize that the production efficacy must come from the elite variety and good quality seed. We work closely with professional plant breeders on research and development of lite corn inbred parents and adaptability hybrids. Upon our experience and partnerships, we do believe to release the best GT corn hybrids to the farmers and make seed industry progress in this region. Our varieties; GT029, GT722 and GT709 are well adapted to hill site as well as low land tropics. Base on our production survey team, there are more than thousand farmers satisfy with our GT varieties both in Thailand and ASEAN counties. Why not testing our GT corn hybrids seed? “ Every income begins with a high quality seed.

ISO 9001:2008ISO 9001:2015